Cousin Meaning in tamil


  1. Cousin

    • noun :பெயர்ச்சொல்
      • உறவினர்
      • அத்தையின் மகள்
        Aunt's daughter
        [attaiyiṉ makaḷ][attaiyin makal]
      • சித்தி மகள்
        [citti makaḷ][citti makal]
      • தொலைதூர உறவினர்
        Remote relative
        [tolaitūra uṟaviṉar][tolaitura uravinar]
      • சகோதரன்
  2. Cousin apes

    • phrase :சொற்றொடர்
      • உறவினர் குரங்குகள்
        Cousin apes
        [uṟaviṉar kuraṅkukaḷ][uravinar kurankukal]
  3. Cousin because

    • phrase :சொற்றொடர்
      • உறவினர் என்பதால்
        Cousin because
        [uṟaviṉar eṉpatāl][uravinar enpatal]

Definitions of Cousin

  1. A person who belongs to our family.
  2. It's a person from our family.
  3. It may be a kid of our aunt or uncle.
  4. He or she will be a kid of our mom's sister or dad's brother.
  5. They will be our blood relation.
  6. They are also considered to be our brothers or sisters.
  7. Uncle's son or daughter is considered to be a cousin.
  8. Aunt's son or daughter considered to be a cousin.
  9. They are also our family.
  10. The relative by blood or after we get married.
  11. They will be related to uncle, aunt, granduncle, grandaunt, nephew, niece, grandnephew, grandniece.
  12. In a short form Cousin is none other than it's a part of a family,
  13. They may be our Uncle's kid or aunt's kid.
  14. They are also termed as Brother and sister.
  15. Cousin has many varieties like First, Second, third, and fourth.
  16. The First cousins have the same grandparents as we.
  17. Our great-grandparents will be the same for our second cousin.
  18. The Third Cousin shares a great-great-grandparent.
  19. Our third great-grandparents will be the same for Fourth cousin.
  20. Cousin plays a vital role in everyone's life, they are not only cousins, they are deep into our life.

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